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Trust Services


Creating an estate plan to ensure that your accumulated wealth is protected and preserved for your beneficiaries takes a well thought out plan.  A customized estate plan designed around your needs and wishes requires careful planning, expertise, and personalized attention.  Your estate planning attorney can help you draft a plan to help preserve and protect your assets.

At the First National Bank of Hartford ~ Your community bank.  Your opportunity bank, we bring the “opportunity" to you.  By providing  professional and customized Trust Services we will bring you one step closer to realizing your goal of preserving your wealth for future generations and the charitable causes most important to you.  We will work with your estate planning attorney to administer your estate plan so that your wealth is protected and preserved and that your family legacy lives on.  We will give you peace of mind in knowing that your plan will be carried out according to your wishes.


Many people believe, when the inevitable happens, their property and financial assets will be distributed as they intended.  In reality, without an estate plan in place, federal and state laws dictate how your property, personal items, and financial assets are distributed.

Getting Started

Gather personal and financial information before consulting with an estate planning attorney.  Most attorneys have forms for you to complete to guide you in gathering your important information.  Be prepared to discuss beneficiary designations, personal and financial assets, liabilities and ownership, decisions on how to handle health care concerns, etc.

Why have a Will prepared?

Your will dictates who will receive your assets and family heirlooms, appoints a guardian for your child(ren), and names an executor of your will.

Durable Financial Power of Attorney

A Durable Financial Power of Attorney gives a person or entity authority to act on your behalf in the event of an accident, sudden illness or incapacity.  The First National Bank of Hartford will act as your Durable Financial Power of Attorney and can manage your financial affairs such as signing checks on your behalf, reviewing and signing your tax returns, and making investment decisions for your portfolio, should you become unable to or no longer wish to do so.

Personal Representative

As Corporate Personal Representative we will work with your beneficiaries and legal & tax advisors to collect, value, and distribute your assets according to the instructions specified in your will.  We will also pay any debts and expenses, review and sign tax returns, and work with the probate court to make sure your estate is closed in a timely manner.


What is a Trust? 

A trust is an all encompassing estate planning tool that continues through various life cycles: during life, in the event of incapacitation, and following your death.  A trust, designed by you and your estate planning attorney, creates a fiduciary relationship in which a trustee agrees to hold legal title to your property (corpus) for the benefit of another (beneficiary).

Benefits of a Trust

  • A trust can provide long-term, consistent asset management.
  • A trust can preserve wealth by reducing or eliminating estate taxes.
  • A trust can protect property for certain beneficiaries.
  • A trust can provide for management of property upon incapacity.
  • A trust can ensure financial privacy by avoiding the probate process.
  • A trust can facilitate the quick transfer of assets by avoiding the probate process.
  • A trust can reduce the time and expense that usually occurs with the probate process.
  • A trust provides support for a spouse, child(ren), future generations and your charitable causes most important to you.


A Corporate Trustee is responsible for managing assets for the benefit of the individuals named in and according to the terms of the trust documents.

As Corporate Trustee for your trust, the First National Bank of Hartford will provide sound investment expertise, tax coordination, impartiality, and full-time attention to your financial affairs.  A Corporate Trustee will not predecease you or otherwise be unable to administer your trust.  An individual acting as trustee may not have the time or experience necessary to perform the duties required of a trustee.

Endowments and Foundations

As trustee, the First National Bank of Hartford will be responsible for managing property for the benefit of charities designated in the organization’s trust agreements and bylaws.


  • Consultation regarding financial needs, investment objectives, and risk tolerance.
  • On-going administration as dictated by the terms of your trust agreements.
  • Investment Management including investment update meetings.
  • Coordination of fiduciary and personal tax returns with your tax professional.
  • Safekeeping of assets.
  • Income collection and bill paying services.
  • Acting as Trustee, Successor Trustee, Corporate Personal Representative and Durable Financial Power of Attorney.

We welcome you to come and explore the services your independent community bank has to offer.

Please contact Linda at Legacy Private Trust Company (920) 967-5020 if you have any questions regarding our Trust Services.

The Products such as Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds offered through the Trust Departement are:

? Not FDIC Insured  ? Not Guaranteed by the Bank ? May Lose Value