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Who We Are

At First National Bank, our goal is to enhance your opportunities for financial success and safeguard your assets. That was our goal when we opened our doors in 1907, and it still rings true today. As an independent community bank, we believe we are responsible for supporting our local businesses, associations and community projects. We maintain personal relationships with our customers and view every interaction as an opportunity to do something good for that person and our community — whether that’s helping someone get into their first home, opening a savings account for a young saver, helping a new business take off, or donating our resources for a worthy community cause.

By banking with a community bank, you deposit your money in a local institution and we put that money to productive use by reinvesting it in the local economy — to local small businesses, entrepreneurs, farmers, home buyers and charitable projects. Banking at a community bank means that you’re making your community a better place to live and work for generations to come.

All of us at First National Bank believe strongly that community banking offers customers and the community a tremendous value. Our customers deserve the best in financial services and we work hard to achieve that.

In 2017, we celebrated 110 years as a community bank. Read more about our anniversary and watch our 110th anniversary tribute videos.

First National Bank — your community bank, your opportunity bank.

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